Malware Has Met its Match

Malware is a moving target, continuously evolving in sophistication and evasiveness. To defend against it, you need threat analysis tools that reveal malware behavior in action, while evading detection. VMRay delivers, with automated agentless malware analysis and detection, solutions that address a range of critical needs.

Incident Response 

When a cyber-attack strikes, time is of the essence. VMRay’s automated solutions enable CERTs, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams and law enforcement organizations (LEOs) to analyze and identify malware in minutes, providing the insight required for effective countermeasures. Our “invisible” agentless approach allows threats to execute in the malware sandbox as they would in the wild, for effective dynamic behavioral analysis.

Enabling Protection

VMRay malware analysis and detection solutions provide rapid, actionable intelligence that can be used by endpoint (AV, EPP), next-gen firewall (NGFW) and other security solutions to block or remediate threats.

Our open REST API and out-of-the-box connectors for leading technology providers ensure a seamless, holistic solution for malware detection and prevention.

Threat Intelligence

Malware is constantly evolving. VMRay helps security teams and malware analysts stay a step ahead by transforming analysis data into actionable, real-time threat intelligence. We provide Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)—including remote hosts contacted, registry keys accessed, files downloaded, and more—extracted during the analysis of suspected malware.

VMRay threat intelligence enables security professionals to effectively monitor their own environments and rapidly detect potential malware threats.

OEM Integration

VMRay’s dynamic threat analysis (sandboxing) closes the visibility gap in existing security solutions.

Our agentless, evasion-resistant solutions are ideal for a wide range of security appliances and cloud-based security solutions. Our open REST/JSON API enables seamless integration. And our fast and efficient analyzer minimizes the burden on OEM hardware resources.