• What is Netsparker?

    Netsparker is the only False-positive-free web application security scanner. Simply point it at your website and it will automatically discover the flaws that could leave you dangerously exposed.

  • Netsparker will not only report the vulnerability type, but also its variant. For example, where other commercial scanners simply report a Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability, Netsparker reports the specific variant of XSS, such as Reflective XSS, Permanent XSS, XSS via RFI, Limited XSS etc.

  • Netsparker provide simple user interface, enabling web application scanning to be configured, executed and analyzed without a complex learning exercise



Since application security is just part of your remit, you need tools that get the job done without the extended learning curve. Netsparker does just that, with an intuitive user interface and a quick-start scanning procedure that will have you testing your app in seconds.

Netsparker offers full support for AJAX and JavaScript-based applications, so you can rely on comprehensive security scanning, regardless of your choice of technology.

And let’s not forget that Netsparker is False-Positive Free, which means that you won’t need a PHD in security testing to verify any vulnerabilities that it finds.


With its unique False-Positive Freeguarantee, Netsparker is the only web application security scanner that uses a built-in exploitation engine to positively confirm vulnerabilities, leaving you free to spend your time eliminating threats, not proving them.

Netsparker’s Post Exploitation feature takes automated exploitation to the next level, revealing additional insight into your security infrastructure that no other automated testing product can match.

And with Integrated Exploitation you can manually exploit identified vulnerabilities directly from within Netsparker, enabling you to see the real impact of an attack just by clicking a button.


The primary goal of a web application security scanner is to eliminate the repetitive drudgery of security testing, leaving testers free to use their skills in areas where they’ll make a real difference.

Netsparker boasts an arsenal of automated security testing weapons that get straight to the point, providing testers with the precise information they need to do their job quickly and effectively.

  • Don't waste time double-checking reported vulnerabilities. Netsparker already did it for you.
  • At a glance reporting - discover just how good (or not) your security really is.
  • Actionable insights - learn exactly what you need to do to fix your problems.