Desktop backgrounds as a communications channel

Need to get feedback from your employees but emails are not effective?

Corporate Wallpaper

Use DeskAlerts wallpapers to publish messages as desktop background. Use it as events reminder or a means to promote your company values, update with corporate news or publish motivational or celebrating messages.

With DeskAlerts you can use scheduling and sequence your wallpapers if you want 2 or more messages to rotate.
Communicate regarding upcoming changes or news, establish internal brand or publish product announcements right to the employee desktop wallpaper.
All advanced targeting options including delivery to users/groups or any combination of those is supported.

Corporate Wallpaper Features

  • Wide range of image formats support. Embed JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP image files, URLs to wallpaper.
  • Active Directory/eDirectory support. Supports synchronization across unlimited domains. Auto synchronization in predefined date and time is available.
  • Scheduling. Send wallpapers to defined date and time.
  • Statistics. Reports by dates, allowing you to track delivery down to specific users and devices.
  • Change and sequence wallpapers. Set time to display or switch to another wallpaper.
  • PowerPoint support. Use corporate PowerPoint presentations as wallpapers.
  • Digital screens/message boards support. Display wallpapers on digital screen monitors.

Tech info: Windows only. Desktop Wallpaper must not be disabled in group policy.