Corporate Screensavers – powerful communications channel and engagement tool

Looking for a way to attract attention with eye-catching and but non intrusive messages? Want to promote your company values and corporate culture?

Corporate Screensaver

Use DeskAlerts to make your employees’ desktops interactive and get their attention when they are not involved to work.
Send PowerPoint presentations as screensaver or create your own with our visual editor.
With DeskAlerts messaging solution your staff will be updated with regularly changing visual information.

DeskAlerts screensaver works exactly as ordinary PC screensaver and allows for targeted content delivery.

Corporate screensaver functionality allows delivering rich content such as images, text, HTML, clickable links, FLASH, video, scrolling text, PowerPoint slides with 100% visibility.
Corporate screensaver content is created in WYSIWYG mode using internal rich content editor.
Corporate screensaver can be targeted to specific groups, departments or individual users or any combinations of the above.
Delivery can be scheduled and availability time can be specified so that you can target specific events in your internal communication strategy.
Sending corporate screensaver to a particular PC will overwrite existing screensaver settings so 100% delivery for your information is guaranteed.
If a user changes the current screensaver on his own PC, the setting will be reverted back to the DeskAlerts screensaver automatically.

Corporate Screensaver Features

  • Wide range of image formats support. Embed JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP image files, videos, flash, URLs to scrensaver.
  • Active Directory/eDirectory support. Supports synchronization across unlimited domains. Auto synchronization in predefined date and time is available.
  • Scheduling. Send corporate screensavers to defined date and time.
  • Statistics. Reports by dates, allowing you to track delivery down to specific users and devices.
  • Change and sequence corporate screensavers. Set time to display or switch to another screensaver.
  • PowerPoint support. Use corporate PowerPoint presentations as screensavers.
  • Digital screens/message boards support. Display corporate screensavers on digital screen monitors.

Tech info: Windows only, default screensaver wait time is one minute. Group Policy must be configured to force the screensaver to run.