Scrolling News Ticker – a way to inform your workforce in a timely manner

How often do you message your employees? Do you need to update them with frequently changing information?

News ticker on the desktop

Use Scroll In Ticker to send news quickly to your employees. It’s less intrusive and does not interrupt your work. Send RSS news feeds, article updates, links to SharePoint or internal resources. With ticker messages your staff will never complaint they are too busy to check your email.

Desktop ticker features

  • Active Directory/eDirectory support. Supports synchronization across unlimited domains. Auto synchronization in predefined date and time is available.
  • RSS News Feed support. Feed news, headlines, videos from any RSS enabled source for instance SharePoint, Exchange, websites, blogs, etc.

  • Statistics. Reports by dates, allowing you to track messages delivery down to specific users and devices.
  • Scheduling. Send news at appointed date and time
  • Recurrence. Set repetition time for desktop tickers.
  • Auto close feature. The message will appear on the screen for the given time period and then it will disappear automatically.

  • Multiple messages one news feed. Aggregate all messages into one single ticker tape.
  • History. Your employees can quickly search and reference received messages.
  • Dragable ticker tape. You can simply drag a ticker any place on the desktop. 
  • Snap ticker tape. Desktop Ticker will snap to the screen borders or windows neatly, edge to edge. 
  • Desktop Ticker branding. Brand the desktop ticker tape with your organization logo and colors.