Corporate screensaver messaging

Corporate Screensaver messages can be used to make employees aware without much intrusion about important corporate news or events. Screensaver messages are important addition to your overall internal communication strategy. Think of corporate screensaver as a billboard or company wide display that can push your messages right to the employee desktops. This video demonstrates creating screensaver message using deskalerts WYSIWYG designer and delivering this to all employees. As an alternative you can target your corporate screensaver delivery to specific users or groups. You can also schedule screensaver messaging to adopt with your communication strategy. Change and re-publish corporate screensavers easily from the centralized online control panel. With deskalerts your changes are getting to your employees instantly and delivery is guaranteed.

Video Transcription

To create corporate screensaver message just click on create button under Screensavers and choose what type of content you want to use for your screensaver – image file or PowerPoint presentation slides. In this case all you need to do is to select required file and deliver it to your employees. That’s it.

If you are an advanced user and know what HTML is about you can create more interactive content for screensavers. Using DeskAlerts visual editor with a template integrated you are just a few clicks away from sending a screensaver to your employees. Edit style properties to change background, add images and test. You can set position of your content moving it in a template. Play with text changing its size and colors.

When your screensaver is ready select recipients and start screensaver.