Delivery of emergency alerts to locked computer screens.

Deskalerts allows to deliver emergency alerts to PC locked screens. With this functionality you can be sure that the critical information reaches the person no matter what.

Those alerts will be displayed on PC screens while they are in Screensaver or in locked screen mode. You can deliver critical information across your corporate network or to outside locations. The messages can not be skipped or ignored and if you require reading confirmation you will be able to track the delivery.

Video Transcription

Delivering emergency alerts to PC locked screens is easy.

Let’s create simple alert message to show how it works. Check Urgent option, select required size of popup window and click on preview to be sure it looks ok before it’s sent.

We are ready to send this message. Message is sent and appears on the desktop.

Now we switch Windows accounts to lock desktop and see that popup message is still on the desktop above locked screen.