Desktop alert notification scheduling and reminder.

With Deskalerts desktop alert notification software you can schedule your internal communication messages and specify recurrence for those notifications. Additionally you are able to remind about important events via built – in reminder feature. Additionally to wide targeting options supported by desktop notifications you can schedule when they are to be recieved and if they are supposed to be repeatable you can specify recurrence options. You can schedule your internal communication messages for any time. Sample options are: set them to appear on employee desktops daily, monthly or let’s say every 3rd friday at 9:00 am. Design your internal communications in advance and get the important information out in a quick and effective manner through several internal communication channels supported by deskalerts desktop notification software for effective internal communications.

Video Transcription

Schedule your notifications with DeskAlerts and set them to appear on employee desktops any specific day, week or month.

Let’s create and schedule desktop message. Click on create under Alerts menu and compose simple text message. To schedule this notification scroll down to the options, set date and time and specify recurrences. Now you can select recipients and send alert.