Employee desktop survey and online questionnaire design with Deskalerts

This video demonstrates designing and delivering employee questionnaire using deskalerts employee survey plugin. By sending desktop survey from deskalerts web server you can immediately gather statistics about your employee questionnaire. Unlike Email communication desktop employee surveys can not be missed or ignored and delivery to everyine is guaranteed. You can pick users from Active directory or group them by departments or target those surveys to specific employee. The video showcases creating questionnaire, arranging those questions into survey, preview and sending to desktops. Employee surveys can be scheduled or saved for later reference. All statistics is kept in cenralized storage thus allowing for futher analysis of questionnaire results.

Video Transcription

DeskAlerts allows you to conduct surveys and receive results within minutes. It’s not email and these surveys cannot be skipped and all employees will answer it instantly. 

This quick tutorial will illustrate how to create brief surveys with multiple choice answers.

This is the Admin login screen to the DeskAlerts Control Panel. Click on the Login button after entering the admin login ID and password. This is the DeskAlerts Control Panel start page. Click on the Current link under the Survey’s section of the Menu. This will bring us to the Surveys section. Click on the Add Survey button to start our survey. This will bring us to the Add Survey page. Enter the name of the Survey. This is for referential purposes only.

Next frame your question for the survey. For the example let’s create a simple Employee survey. Finally the number of answer choices that we want to give. Let’s leave it at 5 for this example and click next. This brings us to the screen where we can enter the answer choices. Start entering the answer choices one by one. Notice there are 5 choices as we had specified earlier. After filling up the rest of the answers in the text boxes provided. Click Next. This brings us to the Survey Preview. We can press next if we’re happy with our survey or click Previous to edit it. Here we specify the Survey Alert distribution type – Broadcast to all users, or a group – just like a regular. Let’s choose Broadcast for this example and click Start Survey. That’s it!

The survey we just created is now being instantly sent to all users. From the Current Surveys page we can also view the results of our survey. Click on the icon to view the results of the survey instantly. This page snows the results of the survey. The survey will pop up on user’s desktop.