Scrolling ticker PRO 

Ticker Pro add-on allows you to select the ticker’s position. You can pin the ticker window to the top, to the bottom or to the middle of the screen. Now you can split up the news into different flows depending on their priority. Ticker Pro add-on also supports languages with right-to-left text direction. Now you can be sure that your message will be delivered in the most suitable form. Ticker Pro messages can not be ignored or missed. Ticker Pro is easy-to-use and suitable for all languages. Try it yourself!

Video Transcription

Sending an advanced ticker message is not any harder than usual alert. Go to the alerts creation page, choose the skin you like, switch to the Ticker tab if it is not enabled by default.

Give your message a title and content, styled with any tools available. 

Select ticker position: top, bottom or the middle of user’s screen. You can always click “Preview” button to see how your message looks like.

Click on Save & next button, select the recipients and send the message.

If your message contains at least one paragraph written with text direction set to “Right to Left”, the ticker will scroll from the left border of the screen.